Koala Kin Hands-Free Nursing Carrier, used

Koala Kin Hands-Free Nursing Carrier, used
Koala Kin Hands-Free Nursing Carrier, used
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KoalaKin is a hands free nursing pouch created by a mom to help mothers breastfeed their babies. Like most moms, she was excited about nursing her babies, but a poor latch, coupled with arm, neck and shoulder pain made it increasingly difficult for her to enjoy this special time in her life. On top of that, the need to stay productive drove her to look for ways to enhance a mother's ability to safely and comfortably breastfeed and keep their babies close to them as often as possible. With the guidance and support of lactation consultants, birthing professionals, and other moms, the KoalaKin was born... the only baby carrier on the market today that allows moms to nurse completely hands free in style, while easing the stress and strain that can be associated with breastfeeding, giving moms an unmatched nursing experience.

Koala Kin is designed to help moms on-the-go feed their babies in comfort and in style! Specifically designed for moms who have carpal tunnel syndrome or for moms whose arms get tired holding their babies while nursing. Koala Kin is best for baby because it holds the baby in the perfect heart to heart position for optimal breastfeeding. Koala Kin is also perfect for moms with more than one child - so that when baby needs to nurse, mom can still tend to her other children.

The most important thing when considering the best way to nurse hands-free is adjustability. The combination of a mother's breast size, torso length and the baby's size and length all contribute to the challenge of finding the perfect hands-free nursing aid.

The KoalaKin has 3 adjustable straps, to accommodate for different mom and baby sizes. Unlike a sling, the KoalaKin’s patented shoulder clasps were designed specifically to help you switch the baby’s position without having to flip the pouch, therefore making it easy to move the baby from side to side.

The KoalaKin’s ergonomic back support straps also help eliminate shoulder, back and arm pain by evenly distributing your baby’s weight and fully supporting your little one while nursing. Koala Kin is made with 100% breathable cotton canvas and 100% soft & cuddly cotton fabrics for your baby's maximum security and comfort.

Choose from two vest sizes to fit mom and use the size of your baby to determine your pouch size and you'll get the best fit out of your Koala Kin! But don't worry - when your baby gets larger, you don't need to purchase a new Koala Kin - you can just get a larger pouch to accommodate your baby as he/she grows. Since Koala kin's fit is based on the size of the baby - you can get one carrier harness and two pouches to last for the entire time you to use it. Koala Kin can support babies up to 25 lbs!

**NEW** The KoalaKin is now available in two different vest sizes - so there's sure to be one to fit every mom.
Size S/M will fit moms who are size 4-14
Size L/XL will fit moms who are size 16+

Koala Kin In Use

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