Post Partum Support Bands

After your little one has arrived, it takes time for your body to regain its former shape-but thanks to postpartum support bands, you don't have to wait to look great. Our huge selection of postpartum support bands includes several styles of Belly Bandits and Post-Partum Abdominal Support Binders by La Leche League Intimates.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, Belly Bandits and Post-Partum Abdominal Support Binders help your abdominal muscles to move back into position and they flatten and reshape your after-baby belly beneath your clothes. They're comfortable and easy to wear, and they don't get in the way of breastfeeding.

Made from revolutionary materials, including eco-friendly bamboo, these support bands are designed to improve your posture, reduce your postpartum discomfort and minimize swelling. They also provide fantastic support after C-sections to help speed recovery. Postpartum support bands can re-contour your body's lines and make it look like you're losing inches immediately, and they reduce pressure on your lower back and legs to keep you comfortable.

Post-Partum Abdominal Support Binder, 9 inch
*sizes XS, L, XL*
La Leche League International Intimates is proud to announce the launch of their new post-partum support binders. Our binders are unique because they are hourglass-shaped. By segmenting and shaping our garment, we have been able to create a shape that mimics a woman's natural figure, so it will fit better and stay in place more effectively.
Post-Partum Abdominal Support Binder, 12 inch
*sizes XS, S, M, L, XL*
Belly Bandit Original
*sizes XS, M, L, XL*
more colors
Bamboo Belly Bandit
*size XS, L, XL*
more colors
BFF Belly Bandit
*size M*

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